【Community Room】

We want you to know that the connection between people and people is [asset], and to experience it. If you live in the same apartment with something “Edge”, I would like you to enjoy it in the community space where tenants gather. It is [Community Room] that I will expand my vision of the future by getting acquainted with various people, and cheer for everyone to be happy.


“The charm of community house”

Everyday with community room

Community room that you can use freely with 24-hour reservation fee as well as cost.
Events at tenants are regularly held, so you can have a good life.


Every day like a drama beyond common sense

Farewell to many people with different people of different age, sex and nationality.
Fun things, impressed things, sad things, happy things.
Let’s make drama with everyone.
Hosting events utilizing the community

Regular events are held together with fellow residents.
Everyone can make it, eat it, talk while drinking, and can think and execute various events on everyone.


Daily in private room establishment

The room is a complete private space.
You can secure one person’s time without being disturbed by anyone.
The difference from the share house is that each room has a tenant.